Radio, TV & Podcast Interviews

May 27, 2020- Front Porch Politics- COVID-19 and Criminal Justice Reform with PBT

May 12, 2020- "Your Turn with Sherre Bishop" with Ken W. Good on 760 AM WENO Radio

April 30, 2020- "Salaah's Corner" with Ken W. Good

April 16, 2020- The Stars and Stripes Radio- The Specialist Radio Hour with Ken W. Good.

March 27, 2020- The Fuzzy Mic talks COVID-19, Inmates and Public Safety with Ken W. Good.

March 24, 2020- PBT Member Talks Coronavirus and Bail Reform on KPRC-AM Radio

January 28, 2020- PBT Member interview on "Spingola Speaks" which is a nationally syndicated radio program based out of Texas.

December 19th, 2019- PBT Member's interview with KXYL-FM, Brownwood, Texas, for an interview regarding bail reform.

December 12, 2019- PBT Member appears on "Issues Today with Bob Gourley" which is a nationally syndicated radio show.

November 27, 2019- PBT Appearance on "The Lars Larson Show." Lars Larson is an American conservative talk radio show host based in Portland, Oregon. His nationally syndicated show airs weekdays on more than 150 stations and discusses national issues. The national show is syndicated by Compass Media Networks.