PBT Positions coming up for Election

Up for Election this October!


  • President Mike Byrd - Brenham, TX
  • Vice President Cory Lee - Abilene, TX
  • Secretary Irma Montemayor - Edinburg, TX
  • Treasurer Moni Cortez - Edinburg, TX
  • Parilamentarian Paul Schuder - Fort Worth, TX

Board of Directors 

  • Charlie Pickens - Waco,TX
  • Ronnie Long - Fort Worth, TX
  • John McCluskey - Houston, TX
  • Melind Webb - Denton, TX
  • Glenn Meeker - Seguin, TX
  • Scott Walstad - Dallas, TX
  • Ken Good - Tyler, TX

Election Day will be held October 13, 2023 @ PBT General Membership Meeting San Antonio, Tx

Every year, 7 Director positions come up for election. Every odd year, the Executive Board comes up for election. All positions are voted on during the Annual Membership Meeting held during the annual convention. Each position serves a 2-year term. All bondmen running for a position must also be nominated and seconded during the Annual Meeting to be placed on the ballot.

2023 Officer & Board of Directors Election Intent to Run Notifications

One of the most important aspects of the 53rd Annual Convention is the election of all Officers and 7 Board of Director positions. Each position serves a two-year term and is responsible for guiding PBT in future endeavors and supervision of the administrative affairs of the PBT.
The following bondsmen have submitted their Intent to Run for a position during the General Membership Annual Meeting on October 13, 2023. All candidates must also be nominated and seconded by full members from the floor. Only full members who dues were current on August 14 as well as current the day of the election are allowed to vote.

Irma Montemayor
A Fast Bial Bonds, Edinburg, TX
Running for President

My name is Irma Montemayor and I am an experienced bail agent for over 35 years. I am committed to upholding the highest standards in our industry and pride myself on always being accessible to assist and address any concerns of my fellow bondsmen. I value input and innovative ideas to drive our industry forward. I am a team player and collaborate with the outstanding professionals in our field to brainstorm and formulate forward thinking plans to improve our profession. Throughout the years I have volunteered and served on the legislative, membership, allied organization, and convention committees. I have consistently attended every board meeting and presently serve as PBT Secretary. I have proven my unwavering support and commitment to PBT and ask for your vote for President. Let's keep the bright future of PBT moving!

Cory Lee
Bad Boy Bail Bonds, Abilene, TX
Running for Re-Election for Vice President

My name is Cory Lee and I am submitting my intent to run for re-election for Vice President of PBT. I have been a member of PBT for over 17 years. I am a third generation of bail bondsmen in Texas and have been a board member for four of those years. The last two years I have had the honor of being elected to Vice President and have served on numerous committees including: Membership chair, Golf Chair, PR Committee, Legislative Committee, Website Committee, Management Search Committee Chair and Allied Organization Committee. I enjoy working to help our industry not only survive but also strive and lead the fight against anything that may be of harm to us. As Vice President I will continue to work hard for our industry and help all bondsmen no matter where in the great State of Texas you may be. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I would greatly appreciate your vote in October. See you in San Antonio.

Ramona (Moni) Cortez
Don't Wait Inside Bail Bonds, Edinburg, TX
Running for Re-Election for Treasurer

My name is Ramona Cortez, many of you know me as Moni. I have been in the bail industry for over 15 years and am formally announcing my intent to run for re-election as your PBT Treasurer. During my terms, I have familiarized myself with all aspects and responsibilities of the Treasurer. Currently I oversee and work alongside our new management team as we transfer all financial affairs and record keeping, and will present a status report at PBT's board meeting. I also serve as Chair of the Budget Committee and it has been my pleasure and honor to be an active member on the following PBT Committees: Legislative, Website, Membership, Allied Organization, and Convention. Serving on these committees has enabled me to learn and appreciate the hard work every individual adds to our industry. This October I humbly come to you once again for your vote and support as we continue to move forward. Kindest Regards, Moni.

Paul Schuder
PCS Bail Bonds, Fort Worth, TX
Running for Re-Election for Parliamentarian

I, Paul Schuder, a full member of PBT seek re-election of my current board position as Parliamentarian at the PBT 2023 convention. I have been a licensed bondsman and member of PBT for over 30 years but only a board member for the past 4 years and am enjoying being a part of and contributing my years of experience to better the PBT association and the bail bond profession. I ask for your vote to be nominated and re-elected as Parliamentarian. Thank you.

Glenn Meeker
AAA Bail Bonds, Seguin, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

As a Past President of PBT and currently on the Board of Directors and an active member of the Legislative Committee, it would be my honor to continue working for all Texas bondsmen and would appreciate your vote at the General Membership Meeting on October 13, 2023.

Melinda Webb
Webb's Statewide Bail Bonds, Denton, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

I believe, as a member of this association, we should all do our part as professional bondsmen to keep commercial bail in the criminal justice. I have been an active member since 2002 and I urge all bondsmen in Texas to become members to help make this a stronger association. There is strength in numbers and we need all the strength we can get to fight the forces that continue to fight against us. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Charlie Pickens
Pickens Bail Bonds, Waco, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

I am really pleased to be here today as a candidate for the Board of Director position. I have been an active bondsman for many years and would like to continue to help our organization become better in the future using technology. I know how to use technology to solve difficult problems, to come up with new ideas, and plan for the future. I have used my computer skills and knowledge to create special software that helps with researching and understanding laws. By creating new and helpful tools, we can make it easier to get the information we need to support our cause. I look forward to helping our industry move forward in the future. Thank you.

John McCluskey
Action Bail Bonds, Houston, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

I have been an active member of PBT for many, many years and am the current Chair of the Legislative Action Oversight and Bylaw Committees and am a member of the Budget and Public Relations Committees. I currently serve as a Director on the Board and am also a Past President of the association. I was recently given the honor of Life Membership for my service to PBT. I believe in the bail bond industry and the goals of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas and ask for your vote so I might continue serving such a great association. Thank you.

Scott Walstad
Immediate Bail Bonds, Dallas, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

Ronnie Long
Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds, Fort Worth, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

Ken Good
The Good Law Firm, Tyler, TX
Running for Re-Election for Board Director

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