PBT Positions coming up for Election

    Executive Board

  • President, Mike Byrd
  • Vice President, Vacant
  • Secretary, Irma Montemayor
  • Treasurer, Moni Salinas

    Board of Directors

  1. Matt Clark
  2. Ronnie Long
  3. John McCluskey
  4. Melinda Webb
  5. Glenn Meeker
  6. Scott Walstad
  7. Ken W. Good

Every year, 7 Director positions come up for election. Every odd year, the Executive Board comes up for election. All positions are voted on during the Annual Membership Meeting held during the annual convention. Each position serves a 2-year term. All bondmen running for a position must also be nominated and seconded during the Annual Meeting to be placed on the ballot.

IF YOU WISH TO RUN FOR ONE OF THESE POSITIONS, EMAIL AN "INTENT TO RUN" NOTICE TO PBT HEADQUARTERS BY AUGUST 31, 2021. You may submit a brief paragraph along with your "Intent to Run" notice explaining why members should vote for you that will be sent via email to all members. Send notice to: txbailbondassoc@gmail.com

All candidates who submit an "Intent to Run" notice by the deadline will have an opportunity to send a write up explaining who they are and why you should vote for them that will be emailed to all members of PBT.

Nominations for all positions can also be made from the floor at the October 9th meeting.

Full members may vote in all elections and on any other matters providing that:
1) They are physically present at the meeting
2) Their dues are paid in full and were current 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting which is August 6, 2021.

For more information on nominations and voting procedures, please see the PBT Bylaws or call PBT Headquarters at 51-701-7313.

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