Texas Bail PAC

A Political Action Committee

Registered with the Texas Ethics Commission
Making Our Voice Heard In Austin


The Officers and Directors of PBT know that Texas Bail PAC, our political action committee, is one of the most important weapons in our arsenal as we fight to make our voice heard in Austin. Every bondsman in Texas and anyone interested in supporting the work of PBT should participate in Texas Bail PAC. It is an investment in your business and your future.

Commercial bail is under attack like never before and we are in a battle to preserve the bail industry...now and for the next generation of bail agents. As you know from PBT emails, newsletters and updates at PBT Bail Bond Courses, a primary focus is on government funded pre-trial services. It is a tax-payer funded program that has been shown in study after study not to work. We know that bail agents do it better, at no cost to tax-payers, and with a proven record of keeping our streets safe. Of course, we have friends in the legislature who understand and appreciate our important role in the criminal justice system BUT we have to insure that they get re-elected in order to be there to help us in the future.

The best way to join the fight is by making an investment in Texas Bail PAC. Of course any amount is helpful and will help.


The easy answer is “how much is your business worth” but honestly, every contribution…even a dollar helps in this fight. You do not have to be a member of PBT to invest in Texas Bail PAC.

Recommended Monthly Investment Levels


Contributor$120 to $599
Silver Investor$600 to $1799
Gold Investor$1800 and up


Any of the Texas Bail PAC board members will be happy to visit with you as well as the PBT Executive Director.

Texas Bail PAC Board

Chair - Scott Walstad 972-562-4994
PAC Treasurer - Zina Meeker830-379-4445
PBT Executive Director – Susie Cannon512-701-7313


Texas Bail PAC is registered with the Texas Ethics Commission as General Purpose Political Action Committee and cannot accept corporate donations. State law also requires the following information with all PAC investments. You do not have to be a PBT member to invest in Texas Bail PAC.

You can fill out the on-line form to make a donation to Texas Bail PAC.

You can click on the download Button and download it, print it out and either fax it or mail it to us to make a donation to Texas Bail PAC.

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