Bail Bond Course

The Only Bail Bond Course in Texas that puts your licensure renewal dollars back into the Texas Legislative Process to Protect Bondsmen and who hire Lobbyist to represent you.

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Find a Bondsmen

Need to find a Bail Bondsmen in your County? You can search by County, City, Company name or the owners last name.

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PBT Annual Conference

You can find out about the Agenda, Register for this event, Register as an exhibitor and or see all the exciting news about it.

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News for Bail Bondsmen

What is PBT

The Professional Bondsmen of Texas, an association, was established in 1970 as the Texas Association of Professional Sureties to support and assist bondsmen in the advancement of their business.

We the People

Texas Bail Pac

Commercial bail is under attack like never before and we are in a battle to preserve the bail industry…now and for the next generation of bail agents. As you know from PBT emails, newsletters and updates at PBT Bail Bond Schools,