Costs of Bail Reform

In most discussions about Bail Reform ignore the costs. Proponents of bail reform tout them as the panacea to the ills in the criminal justice system. See the other side of the story

General Information


We have prepared a Whitepaper setting out the costs of bail reform.


King County Sheriff Exposes "Political Half-Truths" on California Bail Costs

California Bail Reform Bill (SB10 & AB42) Will Crush the Taxpayer and Burden the Court System

New Jersey

Bail Reform Expected To Cost Extra $100,000 In Police OT: Howell Chief

Costs Piling Up In Brick As Public Defender Fees Increase Under NJ Bail Reform

Bail reform blamed for tax hike in Cumberland's $157M budget

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency - 10 years of NO improvement; Massive Taxpayer Expense

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