Bo Jones

President’s Message

To All Bondsmen in Texas

We Need Your Help Immediately!

New Look, Same Problems

Especially from the smaller rural counties. We are asking again that everyone send us the names, addresses, phone numbers and email if possible of your State Senator(s) and House of Representative(s). We also need your local info JP’s and Commissioners. You can send this information to me at my email or send it to our PBT email. It’s critical that we get this information so we can start sending our information to your representative before the 86th session starts. We have a great legislative team in place but, they cannot do this all on their own.

PBT is in an effort to stop the Bail Reform movement, and we need everyone’s help.

If you do not know what Bail Reform is, call us and we will explain this to you. It is coming you’re way soon. Please get involved. This will put you out of business

Our legislative group has word that there will be a number of bills filed this session that would stop what they call “No–Money” Bail. This will be bad for Texas, and the bail bond business.

Our Legislative Team with our lobbyist are now preparing for the upcoming session.

Act Now

If you wonder how this will affect you just look what is happening in some of the larger counties in Texas. You as a constituent can help your government officials better understand negative effect Bail Reform and how it will affect their Texas communities.

By just becoming a member of PBT you membership dollars can help in so many ways.

This is not about money… it’s about the survival of an bail bond industry. The only way we have a chance to stop this movement is to do it together. We need your help, cooperation, participation and membership.

Thank you,
Professional Bondsmen of Texas
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