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Professional Bondsmen of Texas Membership Categories

Full Individual Membership ($350 Annually) – Individual must be:

  1. Licensed in the State of Texas by their County Bail Bond Board to sign bail bonds as first Surety;
  2. In counties that do not have Bail Bond Boards, be authorized by their County Sheriff to sign bonds as first Surety;
  3. Must be authorized to sign bail bonds as an agent for an insurance company licensed or authorized to execute bail bonds in the State of Texas;
  4. be affiliated either in a legal of managerial capacity with such an insurance company, except that not more than one such person from each insurance company may be a full member at any one time;
  5. Have been employed by a bond company for at least three years and be recommended by employer. This individual can vote as a full member but can not hold elected office.

A full member may hold office and vote at membership meetings.

If you can answer “yes” to any one of the above, you must join as a Full Member.

Associate Individual Membership ($175 Annually)
Individuals who are not eligible to become a Full Member of PBT. An Associate member may attend all open meetings and participate in discussions of questions before the meetings and may be appointed to any special committee and vote in questions before the committee, however, they cannot hold office or vote at membership meetings.

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