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2018 Courses Schedule

Location Date Type
Waco Jan. 5, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
Arlington Mar. 2, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
Houston March 30, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
Austin April 13, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
Abilene May 4, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
Arlington Aug. 10, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
Houston October 5, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm
San Antonio Nov. 8th & 9th, 2018 day 1 Nov. 8 - 8am - 3pm
day 2 Nov. 9 - 8am - 11:30am
Tyler December 7, 2018 1 day 8am - 5pm

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Fellow Bondsman,
As many bondsman across our great state are watching their business and their communities be impacted by changes in bail policy in their local county, many of us are working hard to get the message out to our local officials.
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Message from the President,

The April 2018 GOLF, BBQ and Board Meetings Were Great!

We had 2 guests PBUS President Beth Chapman who reported on many different topics however, the main topic on everyone’s mind was on our continued fight all over the United States on Smart Bail Reform. Michelle Esquenazi, President for the New York Bondsmen Association reported on many grim political issues on pre–release bail reform issues they fought through in New York. Many Thanks… to Mike Byrd and Jim Lane for some good ole fashion Texas BBQ with all the fixings served at our April 11th BBQ fundraiser and reception. So now, we need to start looking towards the rest of the year with legislative planning in our headlights. The 2019 legislative session is going to be yet another hard legislative year full of large task and huge huddles. We need ALL Texas Bondsmen to help fight and spread the word of smart bail reform to protect Texas consumers from repeated offenders. Please find out who your Senator and State House Representatives are and forward your legislative information to PBT Headquarters. We need phone, address, and most important email address. We need information to be able to keep State OFFICIALS YOU KNOW up to date AND INFORMED on Smart bail reform. We are now compiling information to be able to target officials in your area. We have adopted a new web page to be ready for use very soon. Our PBT annual convention will be November 7th thru November 9. The (8th and 9th) will be CE classes in an open format. Sign up now to become a PBT member and the class will be at no cost to you. We will also have an auction to raise money for our Political Action Committee (PAC) which will become very useful in the next session to fight our opposition. So, contact us with a pledge of a conference auction item and do your part this year with your legislators.

Bo Jones
Professional Bondsmen of Texas


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