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Bonding Scam Alert Notice!

To All Texas Bondsmen
Scam Alert from Parker County

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office has received several fraudulent reports of scammers contacting random individuals, claiming to be a bonding company.
Now this is happening all over the State. The victims claim the scammer contacts them by phone, stating they are a bonding company representative of the victim’s loved one(found via public records), who recently has bonded out of jail. The suspect then states the “Bonding Company” needs more money to keep their loved one’s bond current or another warrant will be issued.
The scammer sets up a meeting place at a local business or venue, where the victim is to give the scammer a predetermined amount of money through a money wire transfer to the “Bonding Company headquarters out–of–state”.
The Suspects do their homework,” said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler. “They know the name of the bonding company used by the inmate and call the victim by name, making their fictitious story believable.”
The information is considered public by law therefore making it easier for people to become victims.
One victim stated the suspect even “spoofed” the number on their caller ID, where it displayed an actual bonding company. Fortunately, the victim knew the bondsmen, and verified the information, so they were not taken advantage of.
Tell your clients to contact their bondsmen at the bondsmen’s published phone number and talk to them before making any payments.

Bo Jones
PBT President


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