Note that the exact dates, Times, Agenda and Registration will be coming shortly.

January 9, 2019

9a-11a                   Legislative Committee Meeting

1p -                        Day at the Capitol – ALL Texas Bondsmen are encouraged to participate.  Will meet in the hotel lobby.


January 10, 2019

8:00a                     Continuing Education Committee Meeting

8:45a                     Website Committee Meeting

9:30a                     Membership Committee Meeting

11:00a                   Convention Committee Meeting

1:00p – 3:30p     Board of Directors Meeting

Professional Bondsmen of Texas

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Austin, TX

January 10, 2019




Note:  The President may call a short recess about every hour as appropriate in the Agenda.  Routine business and committee reports will not be repeated at the membership Meeting In order to allow time for speakers.  Regular board meetings are open to all PBT members and invited guests subject to Board action (PBT Bylaws Sec 7.3).


  1. Call to Order.                                                                                              Bo Jones, President
  2. Roll Call of Officers and Directors                                                       Judy Grandmaison-Warren, Sec.
  3. Recognize Guests and 1st Time Attendees                                    Bo Jones
  4. Read/Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting                                              Judy Grandmaison-Warren
  5. President’s Report                                                                                  Bo Jones
  6. Financial Report                                                                                        Melinda Webb, Treasurer
  7. Receive Update on National Issues/PBUS Update                     Ronnie Long
  8. Receive Legislative & Day at the Capitol Report                          Scott Walstad, Cmt Chair
  9. Texas Bail PAC Report Eddie Dees, PAC Treasurer
  10. Receive as Needed Standing Committee Reports
  11. Advisory Committee                                                                         Matt Clark, Cmt Chair
  12. Budget Committee                                                                           Melinda Webb, Cmt Chair
  13. Continuing Education Committee                                           Ken Good/Randy Adler, Cmt Co-Chairs
  14. Membership Committee                                                                                Jim Lane/Billy Engle, Cmt Co-Chair
  15. Publication Committee                                                                    Ken Good/Randy Adler, Cmt Chairs
  16. Website Committee                                                                          Moni Salinas, Cmt Chair
  17. Receive as Needed Special Committee Reports
  18. Legislative Action Oversight Committee                                   John McCluskey, Cmt Chair
  19. Pre-Trail Release Task Force                                                          John Burns/Billy Engle, Cmt Co-Chairs
  20. Allied Organization Liaison Committee                                      Deborah Farmer, Cmt Chair
  21. Convention Committee                                                                  Blanca Aregullin-Gandy, Cmt Chair
  22. Bylaws Committee                                                                            John McCluskey, Cmt Chair
  23. Executive Session (if needed) Bo Jones, President
  24. Executive Session Report (if needed) Bo Jones, President
  25. Other /Old Business
  26. New Business
  27. Adjourn

Texas Professional Bondsmen

2019 Membership Meeting Schedule

Crowne plaza Austin

The 2019 PBT meetings are held to educate, train and inform Professional Bondsmen of Texas members and potential members about legislative issues facing the industry, and to network with the pro’s and train new professionals in Texas. Come join us at the PBT social reception which is a relaxed fun filled time to ask questions, share techniques and mentor new friends.
Below you will find some more information needed for the Austin Membership Meeting & Bail Bond Course

2019 Membership Meetings list

Location Dates
Crowne Plaza,
Austin, TX
January 9 & 10,  2019
Crowne Plaza,
Austin, TX
April 10 & 11, 2019

Prices for this Membership Meeting are as follows

Type Early Registration Late Registration
PBT Member $75 $95
Non-Member $100 $120
Non-Bail Agent Guest / Spouse $30 $50