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Glenn Meeker
Glenn Meeker - PBT President

To All Bondsmen in Texas

This is a call to action –

In case you have not been following the news, powerful groups have been trying to put an end to commercial bail in the states of Texas,, Georgia, and California.

These people are funded by George Soros, and other ultra-liberal billionaires who want to change our way of our government in this country, and have decided that changing the Criminal Justice System is a good place to start.

In short, they want to put us out of business!

They think that no one should be in jail if they cannot afford bail. They also want to drastically reduce penalties for many infractions, reducing the bond amounts and giving PR bonds to nearly all misdemeanors, and many felonies that are bondable. They are claiming that the people in jail are the "victims" of this system, forgetting the people that were the real victims of crime.

They have filed a class action federal lawsuit in Harris County (Houston) Texas. The focus of this suit is that “people should not be kept in jail if they are too poor to post bail.”

A couple of months ago, this lawsuit seemed frivolous, and without merit, but recently some local elections have put the outcome of this suit in doubt. We will have to work hard to prevent a loss in this lawsuit. The effects of a loss in this lawsuit will be felt in every county in Texas.

We are also being bombarded in the state legislature and senate with bills being filed promoting the same type of judicial changes that are being promoted in the lawsuit.

“Judicial Reform” is fashionable now, and the people that will suffer from this will be the taxpayers and us, The Bondsmen in Texas, your county may already be feeling the effects of these changes. As you celebrate your holidays this year, just know that there are people out there that hope you will be unemployed this time next year.

What can you do?

We have opened a “PBT Legal Defense Fund” to help pay for the constitutional attorneys necessary to fight The Houston Lawsuit, and donations you can make will hopefully help keep us from suffering a loss in this lawsuit that would take the effect of case law in this state. We are expecting a legal bill of approximately $75,000 for starters.

You can send your donations to:
PBT Legal Defense Fund
C/o Professional Bondsmen of Texas
1306 –A , West Anderson Lane
Austin, Texas 78757

You can help our legislative effort by simply joining PBT and attending our meetings. We can use all the support and HELP we can get.

Please join us in the fight to keep our industry alive. Your contributions are vitally important, and with the court case and the Legislative session both in full swing right now, you may not get another chance to help.

Please send your donation today !!

Thank You for your help !!

Glenn Meeker
President Professional Bondsmen of Texas

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