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Glenn Meeker
Glenn Meeker - PBT President

Hello Everyone!
First of all, I wish to thank you all for your support and trust. I am looking forward to my term as your new President with hope and optimism. This is a big job and I will work hard to honor this trust you have placed in me, and to overcome some of the challenges we are now facing:

1.) Lagging Membership:
We will need to increase our efforts to recruit new members by going out and recruiting your area local associates and those at local associations. Hopefully after they hear our PBT message, they will want to join us in protecting the commercial bail industry regarding issues shown below. Once we are able to sign more non-members up, we will follow-up with them, put them to work on PBT committees and encourage their attendance at our annual meetings. We will need the participation of everyone in this effort because without members, WE ARE NOTHING. Your membership renewal dollars are always critical to helping us combat harmful legislative sessions. Our PBT “licensure course renewal dollars makes “PBT the “ONLY classes in Texas that support your business” and are a not for profit entity. I thank you and applaud you for supporting PBT with your membership efforts and your support of our PBT’s licensure renewal courses throughout Texas. Let’s work together for strength in member numbers.

2.) E Bonding Issues:
Like it or not, the age of technology will be touching our lives one more time as counties will be adopting a form of electronic submission of bail bonds. When it happens and how it happens, is not clear at this point, but it will happen eventually. We have selected a knowledgeable and committed group to monitor and try to influence the progress on this. Our concerns are that there are no unintended consequences to this and hopefully no negative results for us.

3.) Last, and far from least, is Pretrial Release:
This issue has the potential of changing the whole criminal justice system including the bail bond industry as we know it. Powerful legal teams funded by liberal billionaires have started a coordinated effort to change the laws that govern incarceration and jail release not only in Texas, but all over the United States. Their theory is that jail punishes the poor and only people with money can afford bail. So, they think that no one should be put in jail, especially for non violent and drug crimes. This is a very serious threat to our way of doing business. The Sandra Bland case in Waller county Texas has spurred committees in the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate to hold special meetings starting in January of 2016 to look into the jail release “problem” in Texas. We will be attending these hearings, and we will be ready to testify if needed.

There is no foreseeable outcome to this that stands to benefit Texas bondsmen. We do have a group of people that are dedicated and passionate about this issue that are gathering information to build our case to combat this threat. We feel that if our documentation can show the real costs associated with Pre-Trial Release, we can convince decision makers that commercial bail is the best option. Our legislative group and our pre-trial committee are working hard on this already.

As you can see, we have a full plate of issues and a great deal of work to do as we move into 2016. We will need lots of workers as we have lots of work to get done. Roll up your sleeves folks! I invite all of you to support PBT ANY WAY POSSIBLE and help us keep commercial bail alive in Texas. We can do this if we do this together.

Thank you,
Glenn Meeker
President Professional Bondsmen of Texas

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