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Risk Assessments- “All Hat, No Cattle”

May 24, 2018

´╗┐Study Dated December 2017 Finds No Value in Risk Assessments

A professor of law at the George Mason University School of Law recently conducted the most detailed and definitive study of risk assessments in practice. The study was released in December 2017 and found: “There is next to no evidence that the adoption of risk assessment has led to dramatic improvements in either incarceration rates or crime without adversely affecting the other margin.”

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Risk Assessments Remove Accountability and Lower Results

One recent article found that people on the street who reviewed a picture of someone and guessed whether they would show up for court was found to be just as accurate as the so–called scientific algorithm.

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Risk Assessments Alleged Racial Bias

Do Risk Assessments have a machine bias against blacks?

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More Information to Come

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