PBT Members seeking a position in the 2018 Elections

Letters of Intent

The PBT Members below have sent in their Letters of Intent to Run in the up coming PBT Elections for Board Members.

Board of Directors

PBT Board of Director Positions Coming Up for Election:

2018 Elections Coming for Professional Bondsmen Board Positions!

Every year seven PBT Board of Directors positions come up for election at the PBT Annual Membership meeting. Each October seven PBT Board of Director seats are elected by the membership to serve a two year term of office and to give their best for PBT business activities. If you are an interested candidate for one of these seven PBT Board of Director seats this is your opportunity and your notice to make your desires known.

These 7 PBT Board of Director Positions will be Up for Election
in November at the PBT Conference in San Antonio:

">Randy Adler

Randy Adler, Director
Dallas, TX 75379
: 214-742-4351
: baillawtx@yahoo.com

Sonny de Lachica

Alberto “Sonny” de Lachica, Director
El Paso, TX 79951
: 915-544-2997
: Lachica11@sbcglobal.net

Deborah Farmer

Deborah Farmer, Director
Corsicana, TX 75110
: 903-875-8375
: Dkfarmer70@yahoo.com

Jim Lane

Jim Lane, Director
Weatherford, TX 76086
: 817-596-9200
: jimlane@pcpba.com

Zina Meeker

Zina Meeker, Director
Seguin, Tx 78155
: 830-379-4445
: aaabailbonds@att.net

Bill Pastor

Bill Pastor, Director
Houston, TX 77092
: 713-869-9954
: pastorbonds@att.net

Renell Pedigo

Renell Pedigo, Director
Conroe, TX 77303
: 936-539-2245
: bailbyrenell@yahoo.com

PBT Annual Conference

This is your opportunity to put your name in the running for an elected position on the PBT Board of Directors

If you wish to be considered for a PBT Board Position PLEASE CONTACT:
Joe McCullough at jmccullough@assnmgmt.com and let your intentions be known
by Sept. 28, 2018.


6.41 The Nominating Committee will recommend one (1) person for each of the seven (7) Director seats which are up for election.
6.42 Nominations may be made by Full Members from the floor.
6.43 When nominations have ceased, one (1) vote will be taken, using a secret ballot which will provide one (1) space for each of the seven (7) Director seats being voted on.
6.44 Each voting member will mark his or her ballot by writing in one (1) name from the list of nominees for each of the seven (7) seats.
6.441 In the event more than seven names have been placed in nomination, the seven (7) names receiving the most votes will be the elected.
6.442 In the event of a tie, there will be a runoff between those individuals.


Full Members may vote in all elections and on any other matters providing that:
6.11 They are physically present at the meeting or election; and,
6.12 Their current year dues are paid in full; except that,
6.121 In order to vote at the Annual Meeting, dues must be paid in full (60 days prior to elections at the Annual meeting.)

6.21 All elections for officers and directors will be held by secret ballot.

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